The Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy and a kingdom, Vietnam is a socialist republic under the leadership of the Vietnam Communist Party. These differences in government systems alone can be of influence on how to run a company in Vietnam or the Netherlands. Other influences are:

  • the economic climate
  • the social circumstances in which people live and work
  • the infrastructure of a country which can be helpful or form an obstacle in setting up business
  • the level of education
  • basic necessities such as the availability of electricity and drinking water
  • how easy is it to set up a company (worldbank report: Vietnam 90, Netherlands 28)

These circumstances are vital in setting up business and Twiss will do research for its clients to put them in the picture and advise them on how to deal with them before making the decision to set up business. The following circumstances will be outlined for the client:

  • Political and economic circumstances
  • Infrastructure: roads, airports, housing, water and energy etc.
  • Social circumstances: labour circumstances, education and training, rich and poor, families and their influence and the role of the individual, corruption, safety etc.