WHO are we ?

Twiss International BV is an international consultancy.

The focus of Twiss International is to create business connections between entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and Vietnam, as well as other EU and ASEAN countries.

How do we achieve this?

  1. Organise symposia or seminars to inform businessmen interested in establishing new connections.
  2. Organise trade missions for matchmaking.
  3. Assist and advise entrepreneurs before, during and after the mission.



One of the partners is Vietnamese and knows the culture and the business world of Vietnam and some other Southeast Asian countries very well. The other partners are Dutch and complementary to each other with regard to their competences and know how regarding the Netherlands, other European and some Asian countries, which in turn adds to the Vietnamese partner’s competences.


Since the company’s focus will be on consulting and advising entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and Vietnam, the management competences of the firm’s partners are essential in the field of sorting out the interests of their clients and counterparts, sharing their knowledge and know how with regard to country and company culture, and in being able to describe and outline the circumstances in which business is done. The 4 partners of Twiss have gained knowledge, competences and a wide experience in the following  fields:


  • Knowledge and know how on how to run a business at home and abroad
  • International and intercultural negotiation skills
  • International conflict management
  • International finance management
  • Knowledge on International law
  • Intercultural management skills
  • Intercultural stakeholders management
  • Knowledge and know how on country and company cultures of Vietnam and the Netherlands
  • Knowledge in the field of internationalisation
  • Knowledge of the two countries’ administrations
  • Knowledge of the two countries’ educational systems
  • Knowledge of the countries histories
  • Knowledge of the countries economic systems.
  • Knowledge of the AEC and the EU
  • Wide experience in project management and organising trade missions


On top of the above skills, knowledge and competences, the 4 partners have gained international and intercultural flexibility during their working lives, which is essential in doing business abroad. The five partners of Twiss each have their own expertise which is complementary

In advising companies, Twiss will always try to work towards a win-win situation for the two parties involved in setting up business abroad. This is important to make the venture into a success.

The first and foremost interest of Dutch and Vietnamese entrepreneurs alike is that their companies are in a healthy state. Therefore they usually have three goals: continuous growth, make as high a profit as is possible and keep costs as low as possible. These goals may be the reason why companies want to go abroad. The home market might be saturated, costs may be too high, margins too low and competition fierce. The interests of Dutch entrepreneurs to go to Vietnam is to get access to other markets than the local or national ones in order to sell more of their products or services, pay lower wages and have other future markets close by (AEC, EU).

Vietnamese companies may want to do business with a Dutch company for the same reasons or for financial reasons (investment or financial injection), learn about other management techniques, create employment in the region or give employees a state of the art training.

These are just a few examples of companies’ interests but it is important for Twiss to find out what their clients’ interests are before finding a partner for matchmaking.

Once a suitable partner has been found and the negotiations start it is important to know about both parties’ interests, who are the decision-makers, the style of communication among each other and with their supporters and possible adversaries behind the scene (the influencers) and the communication with the party at the other side of the table.



When working in Vietnam one needs the expertise and support of the local governments and the expertise of educational institutions to make things happen.

In Vietnam the role of the national and local governments in business and education is of vital importance. Vietnam is a Socialist Republic with the communist party in charge of running the country. In this kind of governmental system, Dutch administrators, such as governors, mayors, ministers are instrumental in opening doors in Vietnam by setting up meetings or symposia or seminars with their counterparts. Doors which would otherwise remain closed or difficult to open. Building relationships in Vietnam is essential and municipalities, universities and entrepreneurs that want to set up cooperation in Vietnam need to invest in longterm relationships with their counterparts.

Through education we train our young people to be able to develop themselves and participate in and make a valuable contribution to our societies and the world at large. By giving them the opportunity to study abroad in Vietnam or in the Netherlands, or do an internship in Vietnamese or Dutch companies, they  will develop practical, intercultural and international skills, needed to survive in a globalised world and make a contribution to their countries’ societies and economies.

Twiss will therefore closely co-operate with Vietnamese and Dutch municipalities and universities to create a win-win situation for entrepreneurs, by arranging trade missions to the Netherlands and Vietnam, to bring entrepreneurs in touch with their foreign counterparts to set up business, give students the opportunity to obtain work placements and possibly future jobs in some of these companies and carry out applied research for the entrepreneurs involved. The municipalities will benefit if new companies establish themselves in the regions in both countries, which is likely to create new jobs